1. Starting the game

  • Please click on the instructed shortcut on your PC
  • Now login with the codes provided by your supervisor

2. Learning how to play

  • The first ‘missions’ are short and basic
  • Their purpose: to learn how to play the game
  • After this starting stage, you will get math challanges and more gameplay
How to play

3. Triggering math challenges

  • You want to do more math? That’s easy:
  • Please click on the yellow bassin (or the blackboard with 1+1), to trigger sums

4. How to serve clients at the market?

  • Selling goods is hard work!
  • Regulary you must choose at wich location to work, and choose the option ‘servir les clients’
  • The orange arrows show you: where you can work (bassin, plaid) and who (main character, grandfather)

5. Nothing to do?

  • Click on the cahier in the bottom left hand site to see your goals
  • Or click on the blackboard to do a challange, you earn valauable point this way to buy new stuff!
To do

6. Want more money?

  • If you need extra money, you can earn it by:
  • First doing challagnes, to earn points
  • Exchange the points for money by clicking the star in the parasol

7. Watch instructional video

  • This game contains one video math lesson, do you like it?
  • Click on the blackboard and choose ‘vidéo’

8. Impatient to move on?

  • In this game, you can ask the Sun to hurry up!
  • Click on the sun in the parasol and you can move to the next stage
Move on

9. Completely stuck?

  • Nothing works or moves anymore?
  • Try press the F5 button to refresh the page. Very often, this helps
  • If it does not ask the supervisor to ‘reset the game’
  • If that does not help, the problem is more serious, the supervisor will arrange help

10. Overview game

  1. Ton propre emplacement (learn to place and buy items)
  2. Premier client (learn to help clients)
  3. Les cyclistes! (learn to sell a lot of wares)
  4. Marché aux enfants (learn to do challenges)
  5. Maison (discover your home)
  6. Kitoose (this mission is ‘work in progress’, and not really part of the pilot)

11. Final tips

  • In the mission ‘Maison’, you buy a cooking pot for mother. You can only put it on the cooking fire, nowhere else!
  • If you you just bought someting in ‘produits’ but you decide you dont want it: press the ‘Esc’ key immediately.